It's pretty easy to confuse hypnosis for meditation; they both use relaxation, you often close your eyes, and you are tapping into the power of your mind. However, that's probably where the similarities end. 

Brain scans have shown that hypnosis and meditation cause different areas of the brain to change, confirming that they are definitely different techniques.

Mindfulness meditation helps improve your overall well-being, helping you become aware of your thoughts and to calm the mind.

Hypnosis, on the other hand, isn't about focusing on your own conscious thoughts, instead you become so focused on what the practitioner is saying that you become absorbed and suggestible. Hypnosis involves an experiential absorption, a powerful focus on a stimulus (such as your thoughts, a feeling, a memory, a sensation, an issue, the words of the practitioner) which can amplify therapeutic techniques, manage symptoms, boost skill acquisition and establish associations & dissociations.

We like to say that meditation is like cardio for the mind, improving your general mental health, while hypnosis is strength training for the mind, helping you target and improve very specific areas of your life.

We strongly believe that both hypnosis and meditation have vital roles to play in a healthy mind and a healthy life.

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