Suffering from a health issues sucks - it's frustrating, painful, and can interfere with your life. There's often not many treatment options that both help, are easy to do and don't have any side-effects. 

Therapeutic hypnosis has been clinically proven to help with many health problems, from anxiety relief to reducing the symptoms of IBS, but it can cost thousands of dollars and take months on a waiting list to get access to qualified, professional help.

Mindset helps make therapeutic hypnosis accessible for less than the cost of a single in-person session, with world-leading experts delivering effective sessions to the comfort of your own home.

When you subscribe to Mindset you'll get:

  • Unlock access to 8 highly effective therapeutic hypnosis programs on areas like anxiety, IBS, sleep, pain, low-self esteem and more.
  • Moments, which are short, fast acting sessions designed for better sleep, more energy, stress relief and improved motivation.
  • Daily insights with new tips and life hacks to help you learn every day.
  • Offline downloading for when you have bad internet or are on a plane.
  • New programs, features and sessions added every month.
  • Long-term improvements to your life.

You get the first 7 days for free to notice the effects for yourself. Finally get relief today by trying Mindset.

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